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CAA-100 Series

Cable & Antenna Analyzer


ShinewayTech® CAA-100 Cable & Antenna Analyzer can test DTF / Frequency Return Loss, VSWR and Cable Loss. Users can easily evaluate the connection of cable & antenna system.

CAA-100 Series comply with 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / WiFi systems covering frequency range from 1MHz to 6GHz and dynamic range up to 60dB.

CAA-100 Series is an essential measuring instrument for testing new generations of wireless network and indoor signal distribution.



●Frequency range: 1MHz to 6GHz ; suitable for 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / WiFi system etc.

●Dynamic Rang up to 60dB

●Intelligent limit / marker / curve calculations

●Optional electronic calibration modules

●More than 8 hours long battery life

●7 inch color LCD touch screen

●Optimized batch file management: edit / delete / filter

●Excellent Man-Machine interface for easy operation



1. Multiple Standard Measurement Mode

Power Meter, Distance-to-fault (DTF) Return Loss, DTF Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), Frequency Return Loss, Frequency VSWR and Cable Loss testing. Main interface designs beautifully, user operation is convenient.



2. Optional Power Meter

USB high-precision power meter probe not only can connect the instrument to test and display the power, but also can connect the PC to analyize the result. Terminal power meter, In Line Digital Power Meter and In-Line digital frequency spectrum power meter can test a variety of signals, which can meet the demand of different level users.




3. Intelligent Analysis & Trace Judgment 

CAA-100 Series can analyze single or multi-segment limit line, marker and the curve calculation accurately.




4.Convenient & Precise Calibrator:

(1) ECAL Electronic Calibrator (Standard)

(2) 1-Port “T-type” Calibration Kit (Optional)


It can calibrate precisely and conveniently. When the calibrated data points decrease, it is no need to recalibrate, which will increase the service efficiency. Electronic calibrator ECAL provides consistent calibration results, and removes the possible error of manual calibration.



5. Instant Switching the Return Loss and VSWR

CAA-100 Series can test the return loss and VSWR simultaneously, and switch the result instantly.



6. Optimized Batch File Management Function

CAA-100 Series file filter function is easy to implement for batch editing and analyzing the results.




7. Field Calibration Cable and Obtaining the Parameters

CAA-100 Series allows user to input the cable parameters (propagation velocity, cable loss) or choose a known cable type. If user has no knowledge of the cable parameters, he can make a field calibration by the Equipment Cable Calibration Tool to get the accurate cable parameters.




8. Manually Set Frequency or Select the Preset Frequency

According to the demand, it is convenient for user to manually set or select the preset frequency.



9. Energy saving, Environmental Protection and Man-Machine Interface Design

CAA-100 Series is low-power designing, has high- capacity rechargeable lithium battery and AC adapter dual power supply, and more than 8 hours of continuous battery operation. The shortcut keys can set up four display modes: normal, black and white, highlight and night vision for different ambient.


10. CAA Workbench PC software

(1) Data Management Function

●Uploading and downloading files between the CAA- 100 host and PC

●Interact files with PC, including open the local file and save the file to the local

●Support report print preview and print. Fully display the information such as company name, test para- meters and measuring time etc.




(2) Application Tools Function


●Transform into Smith Chart


●Edit Signal Standard

●Edit Cable Parameter


(3) Data Analysis


●Limit line


●Switching the Return Loss and VSWR


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