ShinewayTech MTP-200 series OTDR Major Upgrade

Source: ShinewayTech     Date: 2019-07-03     Read: 7,241

The widely favored ShinewayTech MTP-200 series OTDR has come with a major upgrade. Recently, ShinewayTech launched the new MTP-200 based on the Linux operating system. The new operating system brings more convenient features and unlimited application expansion possibilities to the OTDR. The new interface is even more beautiful and friendly, which optimizes operational efficiency and maintains the easy to use of ShinewayTech OTDR. It also upgrades the CPU and memory performance with significant performance improvements for large data processing and multitasking. With the upgrade of the new operating system and core hardware, the MTP-200 series will better serve the increasingly complexity and challenges that our global customers face every day.

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